Books That Have Shaped My Life





A few years ago, a student in Costa Rica asked me to share a list of books that have been important to me. I wrote down what came to me at that time. For what its worth, here they are in no particular order (despite the numbering on the left). The list may offer some clue about why my postings take the tack they do. Consider this an addendum to my series on why I left the priesthood.








The Holy Bible Various


Food First Frances Moore Lappé


Hunger for Justice Jack Nelson Pallmeyer


Is Religion Killing Us? Jack Nelson Pallmeyer


Saving Christianity From Empire Jack Nelson Pallmeyer


Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time Marcus Borg


Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky


Binding the Strong Man Ched Meyers


Who Will Roll Away the Stone? Ched Meyers


A Theology of Liberation  Gustavo Gutierrez


Meditation Eknath Easwaran


The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Sogyal Rimpoche


God Makes the Rivers to Flow Eknath Easwaran


The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels


Letters and Papers from Prison Dietrich Bonhoeffer


The Ideological Weapons of Death Franz Hinkelmmert


And God Said What? Margaret Ralph


Communism in the Bible José Miranda


Marx and the Bible José Miranda


Theological Investigations Karl Rahner


The  Secular City Harvey Cox


Christ the Sacrament of Encounter with God Edward Schillebeeckx


Palgrave’s Golden Treasury of Poetry  Various


The Second Sex Simone De Beauvoir


The Art of Loving Erich Fromm


A People’s History of  the United States Howard Zinn


The Open Veins of Latin America Eduardo Galeano


Hard Times Charles Dickens


Looking Backward Edward Bellamy


Antigone Sophocles


The Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri


Jesus, Symbol of God Roger Haight


Triumph of a People Black


I, Rigoberta Menchú Rigoberta Menchú


Confronting the Powers Walter Wink


The Power of Now Exhart Tolle


The New Earth Exhart Tolle


Practicing the Power of Now Exhart Tolle


A Kinder and Gentler Tyranny Peggy & Mike Rivage-Seul


Grassroots Postmodernism Gustavo Esteva


Escaping Education Gustavo Esteva


Teaching as a Subversive Activity Neil Postman


Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paulo Freire


Education for Critical Consciousness Paulo Freire
45 The Autobiography of Malcolm X Malcolm X with Alex Haley
46 Letter From a  Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King
47 Christian Attitudes Towards Peace and War Roland Bainton
48 “How Poverty Breeds Overpopulation” Barry Commoner
49 World Hunger: 12 Myths Frances Moore Lappé
50 You Shall be as Gods Erich Fromm
51 What a Difference could a Revolution Make? Joseph Collins
52 Small is Beautiful E.F. Schumacher
53 Limits to Growth Club ofRome
54 Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
55 When Corporations Rule the World David Korten
56 Patents Vandana Shiva
57 Globalization and its Discontents Joseph Stiglitz
58 Are you Running with Me, Jesus? Malcolm Boyd
59 The Imitation of Christ Thomas Kempis
60 The Story of a Soul Theresa of Liseaux
61 The Way of a Pilgrim Anonymous
62 A Theology of Hope Jűrgen Moltmann
63 Demythologizing the Gospel Rudolph Bultmann
64 Civilization and its Discontents Sigmund Freud
65 Beyond Belief Elaine Pagels
66 Adam and Eve and the Serpent Elaine Pagels
67 The Gnostic Gospels Elaine Pagels
68 Liberation Theology Rosemary Ruether
69 The Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei
70 Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina Galileo Galilei
71 Principia Sir Isaac Newton
72 The Origin of Species Charles Darwin
73 The Descent of Man Charles Darwin
74 The Ascent of Man Jacob Brownowski
75 Western Civilization Jackson Spielvogel
76 1984 George Orwell
77 At Play in the Fields of the Lord Peter Mathiessen
78 Storming Heaven Denise Giardina
79 Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky
80 Who Runs Congress?  
81 Myths (to or Men) Live By Allan Watts
82 Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell
83 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
84 Classical Mythology Edith Hamilton
85 Marx for Beginners Ruiz
86 Honest to God Bishop Robinson
87 Honest to Jesus Robert Funk
88 Cry of the People Penny Lernoux
89 Social Analysis Joe Holland & Peter Henriot
90 Analisis de Coyuntura Helio Gallardo
91 Roots Alex Haley
92 Bitter Fruit Stephen Kinzer
93 El Hurucán de la Globalización Franz Hinkelammert
94 La Critica de la Razón Utopica Franz Hinkelammert
95 El Asalto as Poder Mundial Franz Hinkelammert
96 Why ? The Untold Story Behind the Terrorist Attacks o f Sept. 11,2001 J.W. Smith
97 Democratic Capitalism J.W. Smith
98 Crossing the Rubicon Michael Ruppert
99 Bread for the World Bread for the World Organization
100 Rich Christians and the Poor Lazarus Helmut Golwitze
101 The Unsettling of America  Wendel Berry
102 Man’s Search for Meaning Victor Frankl

Recommended Authors/Read Everything by:

v  Noam Chomsky

v  Erich Fromm

v  Franz Hinkelammert      (Spanish Only)

v  Helio Gallardo (Spanish Only)

v  Eknath Easwaran

 Favorite Web Sites      

v  OpEdnews

Information Clearing House

v  Znet

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