Sister Giant: The Higher Consciousness Community Meets Liberation Theology


It had to happen. I mean you can’t establish dictators and despots throughout the world and not have it eventually come home. And it has in Donald Trump. His election has brought the spirits of U.S. darlings Pinochet, Somoza, Marcos, and Duvalier to our shores. We should all be terrified.

By the same token, you can’t inflict such despotism on people of faith without their eventually discovering in their traditions a God who stands on the side of the poor and oppressed rather than with their wealthy oppressors. That happened with the emergence of liberation theology over the last 50 years among Christians in Chile, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Haiti and elsewhere. In 1979 it happened in Iran with the first Islamic revolution that has since spread across the Middle East. (I’ve written about that here, here, here, and here.)

And now it’s happening in the United States. Of course, awareness of the connection between Christian faith and release from oppression dawned most prominently with the Civil Rights Movement and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Then during the ‘70s and ‘80s Catholics joined in as they observed (often first-hand as I did) U.S oppression throughout Latin America. During the ‘90s and the first decade of the current century, I could even see it emerging among the white U.S. Evangelical students I taught during their term abroad in Central America. As a result, I increasingly witnessed them reading and referencing non-fundamentalists and liberationists like Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne, Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, and others.

And now with the arrival of Trump, a highly political form of liberation theology has hit the “Higher Consciousness Community.” I’m referring to followers of Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, and other teachers of the “spiritual, but not religious” seekers proliferating throughout the United States and the world.

Just last week, I personally witnessed unmistakable signs of the latter awakening in Washington, DC during the best three-day conference I’ve experienced in more than 40 years of attending such events. It was Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant Conference. And judging by the standing ovations nearly all the speakers received from the 2000 attendees, they had similar experiences. (There were also 4000 live-streamers listening and watching.)

As you might judge from the conference title, Sister Giant attendees were mostly women.

Many of them, two weeks earlier, had attended the DC Women’s March. And it was evident that their enthusiasm from that event carried over.

Both the march and the conference empowered women, who at Sister Giant were urged to own their power by speakers like Bernie Sanders, Karenna Gore (Daughter of Al Gore), Jean Houston, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Dennis Kucinich, William J. Barbour, Opal Tometi (co-founder of Black Lives Matter), and Zephyr Teachout. Each of them recognized women as the de facto leaders of the anti-Trump Movement.

Many other speakers presented as well including stand-up comic, John Fugelsang who actually told liberation theology jokes. For instance, he pointed out that the Vatican is ahead of the White House on science. Referring to the Bible’s Adam’s Rib Story, he observed that “The very first woman transitioned to a woman from a man.”

Meanwhile conference-organizer, Marianne Williamson, supplied her own transitions and highlighted points made. Between speakers, she kept us all focused with her insightful reflections on relevant passages in A Course on Miracles, and spontaneous, unself-conscious prayers like those found in her book Illuminata. She was wonderful. (And unbelievably, she will be coming to speak here in Berea at the end of March.)

From all of this, randomly organized thoughts worth sharing here include:

  • This country (the U.S.A.) was never meant to work for people like me.
  • The U.S. government has lost all legitimacy.
  • Our economic system (capitalism) contradicts Jesus’ teaching and universal religious values in general; it is based on greed, competition, inequality, racism, violence, and environmental destruction.
  • Donald Trump has shown everyone that he is absolutely unqualified for office.
  • In fact, most people in the Sister Giant audience were better qualified than D.T.
  • The world was not born fair; we have to make it that way.
  • Large groups of desperate people do desperate things.
  • No serious religious path gives anyone a pass allowing them to ignore the suffering of other sentient beings.
  • If Jesus finds injustice intolerable, so must his would-be followers.
  • Native Americans (e.g. at Standing Rock) talk to God, not about God.
  • Neutrality always serves the oppressor, never the victim.
  • In view of Donald Trump’s election, it might be time to make America Great Britain again!
  • The main axis of social change is vertical rather than horizontal.
  • American Muslims are the canaries in our coal mine.
  • You are either a feminist or a masochist.
  • It’s time for a Pro-Democracy Movement in the United States.
  • My calendar and my checkbook proclaim infallibly what my values are.
  • America needs a new bottom line (not a measure of efficiency and power, but of how loving and generous we are as we stand responsibly before the grandeur of the universe.)
  • We must begin planning for the day when we have to take to the streets — net neutrality and Social Security will be the issues.

Such liberationist thoughts only palely reflect the richness of thoughts shared at the Sister Giant conference. But I hope they give you some idea of what’s needed to exorcise the despotic spirits of Pinochet, Somoza, Marcos, Duvalier – and of Donald Trump.

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Emeritus professor of Peace & Social Justice Studies. Liberation theologian. Activist. Former R.C. priest. Married for 45 years. Three grown children. Six grandchildren.

7 thoughts on “Sister Giant: The Higher Consciousness Community Meets Liberation Theology”

    1. Craig, I wish you could have been there. At the closing sessions we were urged, if we felt called, to run for office. Both Peggy and I agree that in Kentucky you have the best chance of defeating the status quo. I know we’ve talked about this before. But these are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary measures. Please think about this again. You have all the tools and lots of people (like Peggy and me) who would work real hard in your campaign.


  1. We are moving into the climactic and probably final struggle between the forces of Love and Hate. We teeter unknowingly on the brink of extinction. To wake up is to realize the need for desperate efforts for Love, for the salvation of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Everything that is happening needs to be seen and responded to from full awareness of this basic reality. Do not go sleeping into that species extinction that is unfolding all around us now. Whatever we do now must serve the precious reality of Love against the huge forces that are bent on destroying it.

    All our individual stories are unfolding within this master story of the struggle between the forces of Love and those of Hate. Donald Trump is indeed the Anti -Christ if by that we mean the epitome of all that is opposed to a life together on Earth based on Love. Trump is the polar opposite of what Christ asks us to be. Let his ascension to the presidency serve to awaken our obligation to oppose and defeat everything he stands for. In challenging him we will affirm and realize our authentic loving selves, and act so as to make possible the Kingdom of Love on Earth.


    1. You are so right, Mike. I’m inclined to think however, that the forces in conflict are love on the one hand and fear on the other. Trump and those with whom he’s surrounded himself are frightened, sad people. Certainly, the ones who voted for him are afraid– and they (we) have good reason as you point out. — Mike, on another topic, we won’t be meeting for our home liturgy this week (lack of a quorum). And with Peggy’s and my travel plans over the next few weeks, we won’t have a quorum for a while. I’ll keep you informed about any future meetings. — As always, I’m so grateful for your reading and commenting on the blog entries.


      1. Thanks for the heads up on the group schedule. Perhaps I should have said “Love and all the things that are not Love.” Fear, ignorance, arrogance, greed, lying, abuse, violence, addiction, narcissism, sexual misconduct, conformity, business as usual….etc.
        It’s a long list of unloving behaviors. Unconditional Love as taught by Jesus and many others is the real business and duty of humankind; anything other than or not primarily that Love is a factor destroying our lives, and the lives of all others. You are right, to boil it all down to hate is misleading.


  2. There is a war going on inside Donald Trump. Who knows which wolf (or group of wolves) within him will speak or act at any given moment? (Cherokee tale)

    Trump’s pretended certainty is a cover for his actual uncertainty. The course of this inner conflict will determine Trump’s fate – and perhaps the fate of the world as well.

    Captain Trump is heading his ship of State directly into a storm; and what results will unfold in the tumult and fury of the elements he is challenging is not possible to forecast. We must wait in anxious anticipation as this reckless and flawed man plunges us all into the maelstrom of his mad and improbable quest. Is he not Captain Ahab after all?


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