Do the Terms “Left” & “Right” Still Have Meaning? The Case of Sacha Stone

At last week’s ZOOM meeting of OpEdNews contributors, editor-in-chief, Rob Kall, noted that some people have questioned the continued relevance of the terms “left” and “right” to designate positions on the political spectrum. Rob asked, have those categories outlived their usefulness? 

Appearing to be in accord with Rob, one ZOOM contributor recalled that even Ralph Nader seemed to agree that the terms no longer serve. According to Nader, “left” and “right” classifications even impede concerted action for meaningful political reform by polarizing debaters and blinding them to the areas of agreement that they share. 

All of that took on high relevance for me, when I came across Jason Dean’s YouTube interview of Sacha Stone.   

Stone is a Zimbabwean blogger, activist and founder of the NewEarth Project whose purpose is to “create a new way of conscious living.” His International Tribunal for Natural Justice focuses on human trafficking and child sex abuse. Stone is also a close colleague and collaborator with CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele

In Dean’s hour-long, wide-ranging interview, Stone’s dynamic, articulate and intriguingly faith-centered statements exemplified a thinker one would be hard pressed to classify. I finished wondering whether he was left, right, conservative, liberal, radical, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Trumpian, apolitical, Christian, New Age, anti-Catholic, ecumenically religious, irreligious, or simply an anti-vaxxer and anti-mask provocateur (both of which he certainly was). 

In any case, however, Stone came across as a potential ally and thought leader that someone like me (a progressive left-wing activist and spiritually based critic of the corporate establishment) could learn from and work with. And this despite Stone’s many initially questionable assertions including his description of Donald Trump as “absolutely perfect.” 

So, I suggested that at the following week’s ZOOM meeting, we might discuss the Stone interview. Rob agreed. The interview’s highlights follow. 

A Hippie or Libertarian? 

Stone began with a description of the world’s ruling class as completely degenerate. And that included the leaders of national states, financiers, and religious establishments like the Catholic Church with its corrupt popes and hierarchy. (Stone was particularly hard on the Jesuits and the Catholic practice of sealing off women in convents and sending young, innocent boys to seminaries.) All of those institutions, along with their secret intelligence agencies (especially the CIA, Mossad, mi6, etc.) represent the world’s obscenely rich who comprise no more than 10% of its population. 

Those positions seem “left,” don’t they? But there was more. 

The hell of it is, Stone continued, that the policies of such miscreants prevent humans not only from meeting their physical needs. Their unquestionable dogmas and programs, rules and regulations also make it impossible for most of us to realize our human vocation as self-determinative creators of community, beauty, meaning and art.  

And so, Big Pharma has us consuming poisons instead of respecting our bodies’ own natural healing processes. Big Ag leaves little alternative to ingesting similarly poisoned non-foods in place of our growing gardens and eating locally and only what is good for human health. Official state educational institutions indoctrinate all of us into thinking that what’s natural is harmful, while artificially produced products are preferable.  

Doesn’t all of that sound like a back-to-nature hippie and home schooler?  Or maybe Stone’s a libertarian. 

The applicability of that latter category came through in his extremely strong positions on vaccines and facemasks during the present COVID-19 pandemic, as well as on taxes and on signing official certificates: 

  • Never allow authorities to vaccinate you or your children with serums whose media of transmission are not only harmful but will enable our watchers to even more efficiently track our every move. (In fact, our keepers’ ultimate goal is to similarly mark for identification and tracking every single creature on earth – for purposes of profit and control.) 
  • Never wear a face mask, he emphasized. Don’t purchase anything from any store requiring masking. Show your outrage and make sure shop owners know why. 
  • Never sign anything without fully appreciating the meaning of your mark. It’s a sign that you approve of the transaction in question. So many of them are actually questionable at the very least.  
  • Birth certificates are an abomination – a transfer of your offspring’s future into the hands of the state. And death certificates are only intended to establish actuarial tables for rapacious insurance companies.  
  • Yes, pay sales taxes. But don’t fill out those 1040s. They are used for purposes no conscientious human being can approve.   

So, that’s it maybe. Perhaps Sacha Stone is a libertarian. After all, he admits admiring Ron Paul.  

A Trump Supporter? 

But maybe not. . . Further statements made him sound like a white evangelical Republican. Get ready: this is where Stone’s designation of DJT as “absolutely perfect” comes in. 

Echoing those evangelicals, Sacha Stone affirms that Donald Trump is God’s anointed. He’s doing God’s work, Stone says, through executive orders whose intention is to eliminate the human trafficking that is the focus of Stone’s activism and that he claims represents the very heart of the international economic system. No one knows about those executive orders, Stone said. 

Neither has anyone else in government dared to question the foundation of U.S. policy since 9/11/2001. On that very day, Trump alone recognized what happened and immediately said so on camera. He said, “That was a controlled demolition, folks. I know; I’ve built skyscrapers.” In Stone’s words, Trump was the first living soul in America to make that call.  

Moreover, Trump has done what no president had done before him – he has reached out in friendship to designated enemies like North Korea, Russia, and China. And you know what? For those heroic acts on behalf of world peace, Mr. Trump has been roundly vilified by the mainstream media, and by TV pundits from MSNBC to Fox, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal

Trump is doing God’s work, Stone insists. He’s not only signing those executive orders that are saving children’s lives. He’s also laying the groundwork for the complete collapse of the entire system by embodying and thus exposing its unreality, deception and unviability.  

And it’s working. All of our false idols: Hollywood, academia, the central banking cabal, along with every organ of government are crumbling before our eyes. That is by definition the grace of God. Good Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other people of faith and no faith at all should be applauding Mr. Trump, rather than attacking him.

Stone’s Spiritual Grounding 

Say what? Trump is God’s anointed? But doesn’t he embody government corruption, lies and deception? Isn’t he mistreating children at our southern border? Isn’t he himself money-driven, corrupt and an inveterate liar? 

Despite his earlier statements, Stone seems to agree — in a backhanded sort of way.  

It’s here that his self-confessed “inverted logic” and deep spirituality enter the picture – all within the context of COVID-19. Here’s Stone’s line of reasoning: 

  • We are now living at the greatest moment of civilization. 
  • In this unique context, COVID-19 is actually a Godsend – but not in the sense that it was authored by the Universal Mind that presides over everything that is.  
  • Instead, the human soul is forged within that Mind’s dispensation of freedom that allows us to self-harm and then self-heal through our own action — to absolve and resurrect ourselves. 
  • In this quadrant of the omniverse, there are no rules; only karma and dharma, the laws of cause and effect – what we sow, we reap.  
  • In the midst of the pandemonium we ourselves have caused, each of us and the entire human community must forge our souls like nuggets of coal pressured into diamonds by our self-inflicted sorrow, pain and hurt which has made us both the poisoner and the poisoned. That’s what causes the Christed light suddenly to emerge. 
  • At this moment of evolution – through our manufacture of pathogens, through the machinations of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical food system, we are experiencing an “orchestra of evil.” But we must remember that it is our orchestra; and we are the conductors. 
  • Collectively and at the civilization level, we have reached a fulmination point – where it’s time to absolve all the poisoning at every level.  
  • A small group of people consciously and intentionally standing in that flame can lift the entire human race. The spark we stubbornly hang on to will eviscerate the now-prevailing darkness. It is only a holographic projection that of itself has no soul – no Christed light. 
  • The bottom line is that we all must practice right action and pure truth in our own lives. 
  • We must live in the NOW, because that is all we have. It is always perfect – the point of perfection, absolution and forgiveness, transcendence, and transmutation. “It’s when you choose to forgive the trespass against you, to extend the hand of friendship, to build that bridge and be the mender of broken things in this world.”  
  • All of us must live in that space. 

It is Sacha Stone’s emphasis on the perfection of the NOW that provides the key for his judgment about Donald Trump’s own perfection. Since the NOW is all we have, and since it is always perfect calling us to absolution, forgiveness, transcendence, and transmutation, everything within that moment (including Mr. Trump) is calling us to create the world we all desire – a world of personal responsibility, beauty, art, and love.


So, what is Sacha Stone? Do the categories of “left” and “right” apply to him? And even though he supports Donald Trump, is an anti-vaxxer and rages against facemasks in the midst of a pandemic, can “progressives” dialog with a person like that? 

Indeed, is Stone correct that in this extraordinary moment in our personal and collective histories, we are called to at least suspend our judgments, to recognize common ground, and join with brothers and sisters on the “right” to bring down our common deceivers and exploiters? 

Join with us next Saturday from 8:00 to 9:30 on ZOOM to discuss it all. (Write to OEN editor-in-chief, Rob Kall at rob at and put OEN ZOOM Meeting in the subject heading and he will provide the link.)

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5 thoughts on “Do the Terms “Left” & “Right” Still Have Meaning? The Case of Sacha Stone”

  1. Hello Mike. Hope you and Peggy, family and friends are faring well.

    A few sleeps ago you made an appearance in one of my dreams. It was typical illogical dream scenery: you were demonstrating to a group of teachers how to do a dance of some kind. Recalling the vivid dream on waking, thought I’d stop by to see what’s going on at your blog. And holy smokes, you’ve amazed me here.

    Had considered, many moons ago, sending you a link to a video interview of Trump in 2015, right after he came down the escalator in NYC, endorsing healthcare for all: “We have to cover everybody”. With the hard right/left structure that permeates so much thinking here, it seemed like I would only irritate, but not communicate. So I set the impulse aside.

    YES. Trump is neither “left” nor “right”. Trump appears (to me) to be trying his best to be a responsible human being (like many of the rest of us). Trump is also taking brutal punishment for attempting to lead. So many want to use Trump as the scapegoat for all sins. It amazes me how well he has borne up under the hatred. I’ve been watching his complete video messages since the beginning; there’s a huge difference between what he says, and what is reported.

    So much of government is corrupt and oppressive. More and bigger government is not an answer with promise for good outcomes. Will watch Sasha Stone. And wow. Mike, you have surprised me! Mind alive, and thinking outside narrow boxes again. Wow!


    1. You surprised me, Mary! I thought you had given up on me for good — with good reason. It was so wonderful to see your name again. But then to actually see your face last Saturday on the OpEdNews ZOOM call. What a joy! Brought back nice memories of your wonderfully rich, insightful and respectfully oppositional challenges in class so many years ago. I hope all is going well for you. I’m now living in CT very close to 5 of my grandchildren. At the moment, though, Peggy and I are vacationing at our lake house near Big Rapids, MI. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be celebrating my 80th birthday. How quickly the years pass. When I published on OpEdNews the article you read on my blog, it got lots of push-back. You can find the discussion here: If you look it up, pay attention to my longish response to OEN’s managing editor — the one who led Saturday’s meeting. Anyway, Mary, wonderful to hear from you and to see that you haven’t changed a bit!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your treasury of grandchildren! I can say that in sincerity because my eldest finally entered into a marriage contract with her husband… and they gifted me a first grandchild. I was having a struggle with grandparent envy in the past, when you wrote about all your grandkids. (Like, Mike gets five, and I don’t get even ONE yet?!) LOL. Life has been good and I am grateful.


  3. I did look at the comments on OpEd, and tried to watch the linked Vimeo (it quit on me halfway through, I will try again later). I have, by the way, come across yet another Vimeo with similar topic and similar energetic, charismatic speaker — a Mr. Rice, whose movie “A Child’s Voice” has recently been censored by Amazon.

    Mr. Rice has worked in the movie industry for decades, and shares the outrage of Sacha Stone, but also looks forward positively and offers suggestions for healing the misery that has been set up through exploitation and abuse of children. Rice’s suggestions, at the end of *his* vimeo:

    1) Become familiar with the work of Alice Miller (“Drama of the Gifted Child”, “For Your Own Good”, “The Body Never Lies”)

    2) Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, of Carl Dawson) for breaking painful patterns and reaching the loving heart; also “Havening”, Paul McKenna

    3) Learn about “Matrix Re-Imprinting” by Carl Dawson

    4) Look up Ronald Barnard: International Tribune of Justice

    I am wary of focusing on the child exploitation issue because of the emotional outrage it has the potential to unleash — more heat with little light. But I do believe there is at least some truth in the rumors, based on things I’ve heard and encountered over the decades.

    I frequent a blog where the blog owner warns us to avoid the child abuse outrage at this time, but to focus instead on provable, documented financial abuse that has been wrought by our bought-off, corrupted, blackmailed politicians from both parties.

    Through spying/surveillance technology, the most powerful psychopaths have managed to amass vast sums via insider trading. They also devise political deals that look like they are for good causes, on the package — but which allow unscrupulous people to siphon off incredible wealth, that is then used for nefarious ends.

    I don’t know as much as a lot of other people, but I am trying to pay attention to what is going on, uncomfortable as it is, and to work for better conditions. What we have been allowing is not acceptable, to put it as gently and logically as possible.


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